Hello, Neighbors!  Welcome to the official site of the Landowners’ Alliance of Northeastern Douglas County. (We call ourselves L.A.N.D. for short.)  Some of us have lived in Douglas County for years; others for just a short time.  What we have most in common is our interest in and concern for our neighborhoods and communities.  

You’ve probably heard that the oil industry is interested in the area and that  leases have been offered to some landowners. This is the place to learn about exploration, drilling activity, and oil rights leasing in Northeast Douglas County. We are not the only source of information about this widely discussed topic, but we specifically address the concerns of landowners in northeast Douglas County.

In addition, we actively research and monitor the oil industry activity in NE Douglas County, including exploration and leasing efforts.  As we receive news and information, we’ll publish it here.

At our March 2012 member-only workshop, attorney Matt Sura addressed the following questions:  

  • How can I find out whether I own the minerals under my land?
  • As a landowner how do I respond when oil company or investor representatives come knocking at the door?
  • How do I know when or if signing a lease is right for me?
  • How do we protect our homes and environment?
  • How do we support L.A.N.D.?
    (Go to You’ve Asked for the answers to these & other questions.)

Browse the site.  We’ll do our best to keep you informed about related happenings in northeast Douglas County and wherever events may apply to the impact of the oil and gas industry in this part of Colorado.  Then, JOIN US in our efforts.


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